Fake Leads Shrinking Your Clients’ ROI?

Re-affirm The Quality of Your Telemarketing Leads.

Unfortunately, the demand generation industry is plagued by bad actors who either submit fake or incomplete information, recycle old or stolen data, or tamper lead files and recordings. It is thus crucial to monitor and verify the quality of leads before you start pursuing them. Our in-house platform gives you complete control to launch, access, and manage your lead quality, check campaign and help you ascertain the quality of your leads.

With 100% focus on helping clients achieve their outbound marketing goals. Our Cloud-Based Telemarketing Platform provides your quality team a direct access to our cloud with real time lead dispositions and filter only high-quality ‘genuine’ leads. This means no more spending your resources on false leads and getting the maximum out of your lead generation campaign.

fake leads

Imagine what fake leads can mean for your business? Since these leads have been processed they have eroded your marketing and acquisition budget. And they will continue to drain yours/ your clients marketing and sales teams’ time and budget till they stay in your system. Our cloud based Platform delivers lead real time from the agent to your Quality team directly. An easy to use interface where you can simply upload your campaigns, choose full control with an in-depth quality check of your leads.

Lead tracking

With an access to our telemarketing platform, the lead can be directly accessed with an easy tracking of start to end of the conversation and helps you verify the contact details (phone number) of the prospects.

Data Verification

Verification of the contact details (phone number) of the prospects. Verified contact matching the Job Titles, Revenue, Employee Size, ABM, Suppression etc.

DNC & Exclusion

We strictly follow the ‘do not call’ protection law and we assure our users that they won’t face any disturbances from our end. Also, we maintain a perfect call exclusion ensuring there no duplicates.

Power up your marketing campaigns

Once you upload your lead campaign, you can sit back and relax while we deliver the campaign report and insights about your leads to your inbox. Are you ready to talk? Email: vinay@marketdisc.com or Call us +1 323 284 4128