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Putting the human touch into action - Bridging the Gap Between Sales & Marketing

"Demo Campaigns to help decide if XYZ is the right fit?" – no aggressive Sales prompt, but let's have a chat and help them figure out."

Offering a product or service for a free trial is one of the most common SaaS marketing strategies. When marketing SaaS, the most important thing to consider is the user's current ecosystem. Users might be too familiar and comfortable with their current setup, and any change in the flow may not deliver the expected user experience during the free trial.

Why Free Trials Don't Always Make Sense:

1. The value delivered through the free trial may not be known.

2. Complications and challenges faced by the users may not be known.

3. What has worked and what needs guidance may not be known.

As your actions throughout the sales process to ensure converting leads to business opportunities matter the most. With the bottom of the funnel Leads - BANT or SQLs, the Sales Team to qualify a deal mostly start to sell while a client is still in 'education' mode and hence can backfire. Therefore, approach your audience in a new way so they can see you as passionate people solving their business problems.

Demos can allow the Sales team to go from just blindly 'smiling and dialing' to intelligently targeting the hottest leads, and capture more detail that is relevant in the sales process. Through demos, one can create future demand and become a trusted advisor by taking the time to help every lead, offer them value, make a positive impression.

"The ultimate goal should not be to sell but to find companies which can benefit the most from being your customers."

fake leads

Demos allow your attendees to test the full potential of your services for themselves. It not only gives you the chance to demonstrate how your product or service works in real-life scenarios but also the opportunity to dispel any objections and questions customers may have. By understanding their situation, you can outline the full impact of your service and how it can solve other challenges the customer may experience. Since the attendees have actively engaged, they tend to be highly qualified leads.

"Get them to talk to you even if they haven't considered your product yet. Use demos to educate and add a 'wow' factor, making your product stand out."

Not Everyone will be fully aware of the features and the potential impact of the XYZ solution. Demos can help you with customers who may not have even realized there is a problem and moving them from 'nice to have' to 'must-have' by increasing the priority.

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